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What to do when your child had a fall? 孩子跌倒了怎么办?

Kids being kids, it is fairly usual for our clinic to get consultations from parents regarding falls. It is a VERY COMMON condition. Children are little balls of energy that run and jump and kick and scream. It is only natural that they suffer some occasional falls. With all that said, although many cases are mild, some can cause serious injuries that need immediate medical attention. Read on to learn more about falls.

As parents, we want to know what are some of the RED ALERT signs that warrant more sense of URGENCY.

Call 999 or your nearest hospital ambulance contact for emergency help and do not move your child if he or she:

· may have seriously injured the head, neck, back, hipbones, or thighs

· is unconscious

· has trouble breathing

· isn't breathing (start CPR if you know how to do so)

· has a seizure

If your child isn't vomiting and doesn't have any of the symptoms above:

· Comfort your child and look for any injuries.

· Place a cold compress or ice pack on any bumps or bruises.

· Give acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain if your child is alert.

· Let your child rest, as needed, for the next few hours.

· Watch your child closely for the next 24 hours for any unusual symptoms or behavior.

Get Medical Care If Your Child:

· becomes very sleepy or is difficult to wake up

· becomes easily annoyed or upset and cannot be comforted

· vomits more than once· complains of head, neck, or back pain

· complains of increasing pain anywhere

· is not walking normally

· does not seem to be focusing his or her eyes normally

· has any behavior or symptoms that worry you

Think Prevention!

· Never leave infants and young children on a bed or any other furniture unsupervised.

· Never put an infant in a baby seat on top of a counter or other high surface.

· Childproof against falls with gates and don't use walkers.

· Always strap young kids into high chairs, changing tables, shopping carts, and strollers.

· Make sure kids always wear helmets when biking, skating, and using skateboards or scooters.

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(To learn more about how to perform CPR, check out )


作为父母,我们想知道哪些徵兆需要增强紧急性。 如果您的孩子有以下情况,请不要移动孩子, 并请致电999或您最近的医院救护车联系以寻求紧急帮助 ·严重伤害了头部,颈部,背部,臀部或大腿 ·昏迷 ·呼吸困难 ·没有呼吸(如果您知道如何开始心肺复苏术,请开始) ·发作癫痫

如果您的孩子没有呕吐并且没有上述任何症状: ·安慰您的孩子并寻找任何伤处。 ·将冷敷物或冰袋放在任何颠簸或瘀伤上。 ·如果您的孩子还苏醒着,请给退烧药止痛。 ·需要让孩子休息。 ·在接下来的24小时内,密切注意孩子的异常症状或行为。

如果您的孩子开始有以下徵兆,必须带他得到医疗护理 ·变得非常困倦或难以醒来 ·容易惹恼或沮丧,无法安慰 ·呕吐不止一次 ·抱怨头部,颈部或背部疼痛 ·抱怨到处都在增加痛苦 ·行走不正常 ·似乎没有正常地眼睛注视 ·有让您担心的任何行为或症状

预防胜于治疗! ·切勿将婴儿和幼儿放在无人看管的床上或其他家具上。 ·切勿将婴儿放在婴儿座椅上, 再把他放上柜台或其他较高表面上。 ·必要用儿童安全门防止儿童跌倒,并请勿使用助行器。 ·必须将年幼的孩子系上安全带才把他放在高脚椅,尿布台,购物车和婴儿推车上。 ·确保孩子在骑自行车,滑冰以及使用滑板或踏板车时要戴好头盔。


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