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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Dear friends,

In light of recent increase in influenza activity, our clinic would like to urge the public to avoid crowded places, to practice good personal hygiene and stay away from sick people.

A survey done amongst paediatricians show that there are multiple cases of influenza everyday across the klang valley and other states.

For people with influenza-like illness, please visit the doctor's to get diagnosed as soon as possible. As there is currently a critical shortage of antiviral medication (Oseltamivir), those that are confirmed diagnosed with Influenza illness may or may not be treated with the antivirus, depending on the situation, but we do advise ALL patients with influenza-like illness, after diagnosis, to stay at home to avoid spreading the disease to others. Susceptible people are the very young, the old, pregnant women, as well as those with immune problems.

Your best protection is still getting a yearly influenza vaccine jab. Done yearly and timely, it has a 70-90% protection rate (not 100%, but still better than 0%). Please look at the pictures for more understanding of Influenza illness.

Stay well protected, get your flu jab yearly!

Call us at 03-23039391 or WhatsApp us at 017-7375198 to book an appointment with the doctor. You can also visit our Facebook page for more info:

"With good health, our children can shine brighter!"

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